Сценарий проведения внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

Сценарий проведения внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

В 5 «А» классе

Название: «In the Magical World of Fairy Tales»

Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся.


— совершенствовать навыки аудирования, поискового чтения, говорения ;

— воспитывать познавательный интерес к английскому языку, к чтению, к фольклору разных стран;

— развивать эстетическое восприятие, мышление, память и воображение.

Оборудование: мультимедийный проектор, интерактивная доска, компьютер, раздаточный материал (карточка №1, 2), презентация,

1 Орг. Момент

Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m glad to see you here. (слайд 1)

Look at the screen. These are some books. What kind of books are there? You may say in Russian. You are right. There are fairy tales.

Do you like reading fairy tales? OK.

There are many fairy tales written in different languages and by different nations.

And today I invite you to the fairytale land which is the most magical place in the world. It will be a competition between two teams.

You team is called “Wizards” and the name of your team is “Magicians”

Let’s start.

2 Основной этап

The first task. Look at the blackboard. Your task is to match the English names of fairy tales with pictures. You should do it one by one. (друг за другом) (слайд 2)

The second task . (слайд 2)

Look! Here are different subjects. These things belong to the characters of different fairy tales. But they have lost them. Let’s help! Say whom these things belong to? Well done!

The third task. (слайд 3)

You will listen to some extracts from different fairy tales. Guess the name of the fairy tale.

The fourth task. (слайд 4)

Look at task 4. Here you see a fairy tale. But the sentences are mixed up. You task is to put the sentences in the logical order.

The fifth task. (слайд 5)

Your task is to describe the character of the fairy tale.

And now answer my question.

What do fairy tales teach us? To be——. Yes, you are right. Fairy tales teach us

also to be tolerant (перевод), to be helpful ( to help other people),

to be honest (don’t lyi) , to be responsible (to have some duty), Repeat after me—

The last question for you. What is your favourite fairy tale and why?

Use these word combinations in your answer. (слайд 6 )

Well done, take your stars. And now count, please your stars.

3 Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов игры. (слайд 7)

Wоw! You all are the winners. You are fairy tales’ lovers. I congratulate you and

give you these medals.

Our trip is coming to the end . The world of fairy tales is magical and interesting.

I advise you to read more because books are our friends and teachers. (слайд 8)

And the last. How do you feel during our game if well clap your hands.

I have liked your work today and think you deserve good and excellent marks. Our lesson is over, thank you for being active, good-bye.