Материалы к внеклассному мероприятию «Сказки» в 5 классе

I want to tell about a———.

His name is———. He is———-and——-. His eyes are ——-.

His hair is not———-. His nose is very——-. He is——-and——-

He——read. He ——-write.

(boy, small, thin- худой,  big, long, long ,kind, friendly, can’t, can’t)


I want to tell about a———.

Her name is———.  She has got a red——-.  She has got a———and a——.

She is—— and ———.  She helps her———.

(girl, hat, mother, grandmother, caring, responsible, granny)



  • The tsar has got a beautiful garden. But every night someone comes to his garden and takes golden apples from his apple tree. The tsar is very angry and he asks his sons to find the thief.

 (The Fire Bird)

  • One day, a good King and his beautiful Queen have a baby. They are very happy. But one bad fairy points to the baby princess and she says «When she’s sixteen, she’ll cut her finger on a spinning wheel and die!»

(The Sleeping Beauty)

  • An old man and an old woman have got a daughter and a little son. One day the mother says to her daughter, “We have to work all day. Look after your brother and don’t leave the house.” But the daughter doesn’t listen to them.

(The Magic Wild Geese)

  • The tsar has got three sons. One day he says to his sons, “My dear sons, I want you to get married. Each of you must take an arrow, go out into the green meadow and shoot it. Where the arrows fall, there will you find your wife.”

 (The Frog Princess)

Very good!


Put the sentences in the logical order.


1. She went to the palace and danced with the prince.

2. She cooked and cleaned all day.

3. The girl asked the fairy Godmother for help.

4. The prince invited the unkind sisters to the palace.

5. One girl lived with her two unkind sisters.


to invite — приглашать

a fairy Godmother — фея-крестная

a palace — дворец

unkind – злой




Put the sentences in the logical order.


1. The old man was a fisherman.

2. The fish was magic and it could grunt wishes.

3. The fisherman was kind and set the fish free.

4. Once upon a time an old man lived with an old woman near the sea.

5. One day he caught a fish.



a fisherman — рыбак

to catch (caught; caught) — ловить

to set free – отпускать на волю

to grunt wish – исполнять  желание